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About us

About Toddler Town Montessori

Toddler Town Montessori has been established in 2021, situated in the beautiful town, Abingdon. Toddler Town is its own individual nursery, set up with care and passion for the industry by two experienced Directors, which have taken into consideration the different approaches used from experience in different settings, and put them together to make an exceptional setting. Both our nursery Directors, Wiktoria and Taylor have worked in various Montessori settings, and created an effective plan to create a more efficient approach to caring and teaching children through their most critical and important stages of growing and developing. Toddler Town follows the EYFS document to monitor and support children and their development and both Directors chose to continue teaching through the Montessori approach. 


The most important thing that we have to offer, is the happiness of children , and ensuring that they are made to feel at home. Most of our activities are child-led, meaning that we follow the needs and interests of children in order to allow them to express themselves as growing individuals. 


My name is Wiktoria. I am the Owner, Director and Manager of Toddler Town Montessori Nursery. I am also the Behaviour Officer. I am a Level 3 Qualified Early Years Educator, gaining my experience and qualifications through working in Montessori Nurseries for 4 years. I also hold a Level 2 in food and safety as well as a paediatric first aid qualifications and first aid at work. My dream has always been to open my own Montessori Nursery, and to provide the best childcare to children and parents. It is my goal to support children in reaching their full potential from early years in my nursery but also to make each child feel like they are at home. Toddler Town is small and cosy, and the relationship we have built with the children and families is amazing and continues to drive me each day to keep these up. I am a very proud owner of Toddler Town, and I am looking forward to seeing us grow every day.

My name is Taylor and I am the Owner, Director and Deputy Manager of Toddler Town Montessori. I have worked in childcare for the past 4 years but have worked with young children since the age of 14 when I started volunteering at my local swimming club on the weekends. I finished my level 2 qualification in the children’s and young peoples workforce at the beginning of 2020. I also hold a level 2 in food safety and my paediatric first aid qualification. As a director I have many roles and responsibilities to uphold such as to upkeep the quality of care that we provide children at Toddler Town. I complete learning journeys for the children to ensure they are reaching all of their educational milestones in line with the EYFS guidelines. It was my dream for a few years to open my own nursery, where I could incorporate all the positive aspects that I have learnt through my years of working at multiple nursery’s to create my dream setting. I love the relationships that Wiktoria and I have built so far with our parents and children and I look forward to watching us grow as a setting over the next few years.

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